The Arts.Music Country Initiative for Arts & Culture Councils

The .MUSIC (DotMusic) and ARTS.MUSIC Top-Level Domain (TLD) Initiative focuses on promoting arts, culture and diversity by building geographic networks that promote arts and music internationally. By creating and supporting a .MUSIC Arts and Culture Fund, the Initiative has the potential to enhance global exposure of a diversity of artistic and cultural expressions through country-based web networks led by alliances of government arts funding agencies, international music export offices, artist associations, and arts agencies.

The .MUSIC Arts and Culture Fund’s mission is focused on:

• Promoting Arts & Music education and the inclusion of the arts in school curricula;

• Protecting artistic intellectual capital;

• Advocating artist's welfare, rights & fair compensation;

• Enriching society by promoting artistic & cultural diversity globally;

• Encouraging innovation in the arts and music and in government programs that support the arts.


The .MUSIC Arts and Culture Fund will consult with the International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA) and ICANN's Government Advisory Committe (GAC) to develop a process to distribute proceeds from its domain name registrations to government agencies and arts councils that support its mission, core values and objectives.

UPDATE: Community Objection

DotMusic is in the process of preparing community objections against applicants who have music-themed TLD applications that have a likelihood of creating material detriment to the rights or legitimate interests of the music community. Concerns include:

To participate as an objector and to voice your concerns to ICANN and the International Chamber of Commerce please digitally sign the community objection letter

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